At Shop Peppermint LLC, we are on a mission to bring stylish & chic apparel to the Rochester community at an affordable price point. Our work is fueled by amazing artisans - including our people! Our Core Values are rooted in everything we do - both in the shop, throughout our events (live + virtual), and how we show up and support our community. All of this work is guided through our Core Values listed below (in no particular order):

Well Crafted Goods:

Everything we sell is well crafted and each item resonates with our customers.


All the items we sell are a careful process of curation. Our passion for handmade, local and eagerness to push the boundaries of style allows us to bring a unique retail experience.

Social Justice, Racial Equity & Belonging:

We strive to attend to issues of power, privilege,and systems of oppression in our policies, practices, operations, and partnerships. Our Team is committed to doing our own work and to leading by example. We work with and within our community, following the leadership of communities that directly experienced racism and economic injustice.

Community Involvement & Investment:

We invest our time, resources, and power in and with our communities. We engage and partner with people, businesses and causes to create positive change. We show up by amplifying the voices and work of our neighbors,through sharing the joys and complexities of handmade, by donating products and resources, and purchasing locally.


1) Complete the request form at least thirty days prior to the scheduled event.
2) Your request will be reviewed by our team and you will receive a response within two weeks.

Please note: Requests made by phone, email, mail or through web or social media outlets will not be accepted.

Further questions? Contact Lauren at or 585-532-8132

Thank you for thinking of us for your community event!