$60.00 $50.00

These are our bestselling bracelets of all time! 

  • one size fits most
  • high quality glass beaded bracelet that rolls over wrist 
  • bracelets are handmade so color and pattern may vary slightly

  • Bracelets are individually $12 but this set will save you $10


LILY and LAURA Bracelets roll over the hand to fit any wrist. Because the bracelets are hand crocheted, each one is unique! They can vary slightly in size based upon how tight the crochet, as well as the pattern.

Help! My bracelet is too small. How do I size it?

It is easy to stretch your bracelet to a comfortable size! Use an upside down tapered plastic tumbler or cup to stretch your bracelet. Slowly roll the bracelet down to achieve the desired size. The bracelet can stretch because it’s crocheted from a long cotton thread. If you want to shrink the bracelet back to its original size, immerse it in cool water and set to dry.